Getting Leaders Ready: One key to successful organizational change

Summer is almost over and already you can see early signs that fall is on its way. The days are getting shorter, there is an evening chill that lingers a little longer in the morning and maybe the surest sign – the stores have begun to advertise their back to school specials.

As fall approaches and you get back into a more regular routine you may be thinking about rebooting and re-initiating work that you put off to let staff enjoy the summer or because you weren’t ready to get started. If any of that work involves change—whether it’s a software implementation, a new product launch, business expansion, new business process or any other type of change—it’s never too early to ensure your leaders and managers have the knowledge and skills to implement and sustain the changes your organization needs to be successful. Read More…

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Developing Organizational Change Skills

Beyond Knowledge to Skills

A few years ago I wrote about the work Dr. Karen Somerville and Dr. Whelan-Berry had done to identify 11 change skills every leader needs for successful organizational change. Since then,  Dr.  Somerville and I have been continuing to research organizational change skills. Our research found that leaders don’t understand the breadth of change skills required for successful organizational change. In addition, other research identified that the skills and capabilities leaders need to perform well in operational and professional roles are not sufficient when tasked with leading change.1 Read More…


The Change Management Paradox

by Dawn-Marie Turner, PhD

Time is a precious commodity, but many managers are penny wise and pound-foolish when it comes to their investment in managing change.

As leaders we are constantly having to set priorities, do more with less, and maximize our own and the organization’s efficiency, all in an effort to gain more from the time we do have. It is no different when it comes to implementing change – leaders must balance the need for the change with the associated disruption and the time, people and resources that will be needed in order to achieve the intended outcome of the change and get the return on their investment. Read More…

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