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Are Your Employees Conditioned to Hang On to the Current State?

We all have conditioned responses, those automatic reactions to a situation or event. Sometimes they occur even before we realize we have reacted. The way your organization approaches change maybe conditioning your employees to support your current state. Making it more difficult for your organization to succeed with change.   Read More…

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Buy In is Not Enough

Are you confusing commitment with buy-in?

Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner CMC,

Confusing buy-in with commitment to change is probably one of the most common mistakes leaders make when it comes to organizational change. Read More…

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Upcoming Events

Communicating for Change
Manitoba QNET
Winnipeg, Canada
April 7, 2015

10 Simple Rules for Healthy Organizational Change
Customized Closed Event
Winnipeg, Canada
April 9, 2015

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